Norma Jean

The Beautiful Mistake Return In Awesome Form With Powerful New Single

The Beautiful Mistake Return With New Single ‘Momento Mori’

Norma Jean- Trace Levels of Dystopia + Orphan Twin (Lyric Videos)

Converge to play Furnace Fest

Zampler #14 – another compelling exhibit in the continuing quest for screamo (23 artists interview!)

Snapshot: The Hardcore Scene in 2007

A Day To Remember’s Homesick Changed Pop-Punk And Metal Forever

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Calgary’s Newest Metalcore Act THE LUMINARY PLOT Announces Debut Single “We”

Watch Gatecreeper Unleash Total Madness At A Brooklyn Dive Bar

Tomorrow: Watch Gatecreeper Rip The Face Off Of A Brooklyn Dive Bar

TEETH (members of HUNDRED SUNS, NOMA JEAN, EVERY TIME I DIE) premiere new video for “Filth”!

Furnace Fest is back in September 2020! See all the details here!

Watch Saves the Day Perform Songs From Through Being Cool In A Tiny Dive Bar

Norma Jean reveal their video for latest single, “Safety Last”!

Album Review: Norma Jean – All Hail

ALBUM REVIEW: Norma Jean – All Hail

Norma Jean – Safety Last (Live Video)

NORMA JEAN promote new album with new live video for “Safety Last”

NEWS: Norma Jean drop live video for ‘Safety Last’!

【NEWS】メタルコアバンドNorma JeanがNewアルバムから “Safety Last” を公開

Watch Fit For An Autopsy Cause Total Insanity At A Small Brooklyn Dive Bar

Tomorrow: Watch Fit For An Autopsy Go Full Apocalyptic On A Small Brooklyn Dive Bar

“We Got In Fights With The Teachers In High School”: 13 Questions With Cory Brandan From Norma Jean

How Fit For An Autopsy’s Will Putney Wrote Their New Album While Producing Some Of 2019’s Biggest Releases

Pretty Like A Pistol – southern post hardcore rockers LIFE PILOT premiere new video

Norma Jean are gearing up for the release of their new album!

NORMA JEAN premiere new track “Safety Last”; tease new record “All Hail”!

Watch Norma Jean Record Their New Album, All Hail, With Producer Will Putney

【NEWS】メタルコアバンドNorma JeanがNewアルバムから新曲 “/with_errors” を公開

Hundred Suns (Norma Jean, ex-Every Time I Die) Go Hard In The Hard Rock Paint

NORMA JEAN Live In The K! Pit (Tiny Dive Bar Show) Full Show

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA reinvent themselves; release new single; tease new record

Watch Norma Jean Wreak Havoc On A Tiny Brooklyn Dive Bar

Tomorrow: Watch Norma Jean Go Full Bore On A Tiny Brooklyn Dive Bar

Montreal hardcore band Kennedy stream new music video for title-track off upcoming album, “Blood and Soil”

【NEWS】メタルコアバンドNorma JeanがNewアルバムから新曲 “Landslide Defeater” を公開

NEWS: Norma Jean unleash new song, ‘Landslide Defeater’!

NEWS: Norma Jean debut video for ‘[Mind Over Mind]’!

【NEWS】メタルコアバンドNorma JeanがNewアルバムから新曲 “[Mind Over Mind]” のMusic Videoを公開

Norma Jean – [Mind Over Mind] Official Music Video

Ice Nine Kills And Fit For A King Announce Fall U.S. Tour

The Worst Fonts In Metal And Hardcore

Norma Jean – [Mind Over Mind] (Official Audio)

Norma Jean – ALL HAIL (Official Trailer)

【NEWS】メタルコアバンドNorma JeanがNewアルバム「All Hail」を10月にリリース

Norma Jean Announce New Album, All Hail

Producer Will Putney Reveals The Art Of Recording Vocals With Thy Art Is Murder’s CJ McMahon

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