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While She Sleeps

While She Sleeps

Yorkshire Rockers Dead Romantic Talk Musical Evolution, Freezing Cold Video Shoots, and New Album ‘Voices’

Our Hollow, Our Home – ‘Burn in the Flood’

While She Sleeps Guitarist Mat Welsh on Changing the Music Industry with Their New Album ‘Sleeps Society’

Hotly-Tipped Welsh Rockers Florence Black Release New Single “Can You Feel It?” and Discuss Touring Plans

Album review: Our Hollow, Our Home – Burn In The Flood

Our Hollow, Our Home – ‘Burn In The Flood’ [Album Review]

タワレコと激ロックの強力タッグ!TOWER RECORDS ONLINE内”激ロック”スペシャル・コーナー更新!5月レコメンド・アイテムのROYAL BLOOD、Edu Falaschi、WHILE SHE SLEEPSら8作品紹介!

Canadian Anglo Metallers Storm The Empire Take a “Leap of Faith” on their New Video [Premiere]

NEWS: While She Sleeps sacrifice charting to continue paying road crew!

While She Sleeps – ‘SLEEPS SOCIETY’

INTERVIEW – While She Sleeps

While She Sleeps – ‘Sleeps Society’ [Album Review]

NEWS: While She Sleeps reschedule UK tour to September 2021!

【NEWS】メタルコアバンドWhile She SleepsがNewアルバムから新曲 “NERVOUS ft. Simon Neil” のMusic Videoを公開

Where does your money go? The real cost of music streaming

WHILE SHE SLEEPS、ニュー・アルバム『Sleeps Society』よりSimon Neil(BIFFY CLYRO)をフィーチャリングに迎えた「Nervous」MV公開!

While She Sleeps – NERVOUS ft. Simon Neil (Official Video)

While She Sleeps drop new single, Nervous, featuring Biffy Clyro’s Simon Neil

While She Sleeps – YOU ARE ALL YOU NEED (Official Video)

【NEWS】メタルコアバンドWhile She SleepsがNewアルバムから新曲 “YOU ARE ALL YOU NEED” を公開

NEWS: While She Sleeps detail fifth album, ‘Sleeps Society’!

WHILE SHE SLEEPS、ニュー・アルバム『Sleeps Society』より新曲「You Are All You Need」MV公開!

NEWS: While She Sleeps debut new song, ‘You Are All You Need’!

While She Sleeps drop new single, announce Sleeps Society tracklist featuring Simon Neil, Deryck Whibley

While She Sleeps – SLEEPS SOCIETY (Edit) Official Video

【NEWS】メタルコアバンドThe Amity AfflictionがB-Side曲 “Midnight Train”, “Don’t Wade In The Water” を公開

【NEWS】メタルコアバンドWhile She Sleepsが新曲 “SLEEPS SOCIETY” のMusic Videoを公開

NEWS: While She Sleeps announce intimate UK tour for May 2021!

The Sound Of AWAY FROM LIFE! – Playlist Oktober 2020


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