Within Nostalgia unveil their video for single “Death Lifes’ Lover”!

Helldown announce their sophomore EP, “In Deaths Hands”!

German rockers Silver May Snow talk about their single “Driver”!

Boreal Hymn unveil their 4 track demo entitled “Tundra”!

DECAY release a new track taken off their upcoming full-length album!

Rockers The Unquiet unveil their debut single “Against The World”!

Nightlives continue their rise with the release of “Ways Of Making You Talk”!

Windrunner are back on the scene with a brand new single!

The Bare Minimum reveal their cover “Spice Up Your Life”!

Get to know the French rockers FROST!

King Diamond are back with new single, “Masquerade of Madness”!

Midnight reveal details for new album, “Rebirth by Blasphemy”!

Tales of the Tomb reveal their video for “Dyatlov Pass Incident”!

Blacktop Mojo are happy to reveal their second music video!

French rockers Bottle Next talk about their upcoming album “Drift”!

Punk Rock act Hotel Murder have a released a new self-titled single!

Kamino announce the release of their new single, “The Wire”!

Sharptooth have returned with a vicious new single “Mean Brain”!

UK rockers Cascade are back with single “Angels Path”!

Brighton rockers DITZ unveil their new single, ‘Total 90’!

Indie rockers Laulia share their latest single “13/7”!

Circle Of Reason reveal their lyric video for “Tie Up The Sky”!

Sum 41 will be heading Europe next January!

Ashes to Omens release the lyric video for “Let the Devil Loose”!

Fragile Creatures talk about their new single “Phantom Limb”!

Marisa and the Moths have released their new single “Needy”!

Renegade Cartel have recently unveiled their new LP, “Dear World”!

Rockers Carry the Crown unveil their new single ‘Runaway’!

Woodhawk are at it again with their brand new album, out now!

Lazybones have released their latest explosive track ‘Trash Talk’!

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