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Punknews.org 2021-06-23 10:16:42

Lovebreakers release “Primary Colours” video

Lovebreakers Reveal ‘Primary Colours’ Video

Talk Show Host Release Debut Full Length ‘Mid-Century Modern’

Love Again Post Lagwagon Cover Song

Punknews.org 2021-05-26 00:35:18

Punknews.org 2021-05-25 14:06:23

Divided Heaven: “The Filthy 15”

Talk Show Host release new song

Toronto’s pop punk rockers TALK SHOW HOST release new single “Warmest Condolences”; debut LP coming up!

Talk Show Host Offer ‘Warmest Condolences’ On New Single

Love Again Release Cover Of Lagwagon’s ‘May 16’ As A Standalone Single & Video

Love Again release Lagwagon cover

Asbury Park NJ’s LOST IN SOCIETY return with new single “Say Anything”; new EP coming up on Wiretap Records

Lost In Society Return With New Single ‘Say Anything’

Punknews.org 2021-05-15 13:46:48

Lost In Society release “Say Anything”

Lost In Society release “Say Anything”

Punknews.org 2021-05-03 08:25:54

Talk Show Host Reveal New Single & Video ‘Crisis Actors’

Talk Show Host release “Crisis Actors” video

Lovebreakers – Primary Colours

Video Premiere: Moldy Roses – ‘I Hope I Fucking Die Soon’

Harker – Axiom

Talk Show Host announce album details, release video

Wiretap Records Release ATTENTION! Compilation In Aid Of The ACLU

Talk Show Host Release New Single & Video ‘Blood In The Sand’

Talk Show Host – Mid Century Modern

News: Space Cadet’s Debut LP ‘Lion On A Leash’ is Out Now

Moldy Roses Join Wiretap Records

Album Review: Taken Days – Every Second

Orange County pop-punks MOLDY ROSES join Wiretap Records roster, release 7” Picture Disc

Harker Enter Into ‘Adulthood’ On New Single

Harker release “Adulthood” video

Post punk / indie alt rock act SPACE CADET share debut LP – members of Bad Religion, Dag Nasty, Minor Threat, The Loved Ones, Dave Hause, The Explosion

Space Cadet Release Debut Album ‘Lion On A Leash’

Lovebreakers Drop New Single and Video ‘Laura’

Punknews.org 2021-03-12 03:46:28

News: Los Angeles Ska/Punk Trio Rundown Kreeps Release New Video and Single ‘Held Down’

Rundown Kreeps Release New Video And Single ‘Held Down’

Rundown Kreeps: “Held Down”

Punknews.org 2021-03-10 02:05:45

Taken Days release “How’d It Come To This” video

Taken Days Unveil New Single & Video ‘How’d It Come To This’

Taken Days – Every Second

Harker: “The Beast Must Die”

Space Cadet release “Start Running Away” video

Space Cadet Boldly Go With New Single ‘Start Running Away’

Post-Punk duo SPACE CADET releases “Start Running Away”, feat. Brian Baker (Bad Religion, Minor Threat)

Space Cadet release “Bad Luck” video

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