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Sepultura – Chaos A.D. (Full Album) [Official]

Sepultura – SepulQuarta – Q&A with Phil Rind (Sacred Reich), Andreas, Derrick, Paulo & Eloy

News: Sepultura Announce North American Quarda 2022 Tour with Sacred Reich, Crowbar, Art Of Shock

SEPULTURA – Apes of God feat. Rob Cavestany (Live SepulQuarta Sessions Music Video)

News: Sepultura Release SepulQuarta Single ‘Apes Of God’ Featuring Death Angel’s Rob Cavestany

News: Sepultura’s Quarantine Performance LP ‘SepulQuarta’ Set For August 13 Release

SEPULTURA – Mask feat. Devin Townsend (Live SepulQuarta Sessions Music Video)

Sepultura – Phantom Self (feat. Mark Holcomb – Periphery | SepulQuarta Quarantine Performance)

From Classic Albums to Thrash Fashion; Evile Guitarist Ol Drake Gets Metal Thrashin’ Mad

Australian BISON premieres new video for “Take Your Place”

ETERNAL STRUGGLE veröffentlichen neues Video „Manifesto/Point One“

ETERNAL STRUGGLE premieres new video for “Manifesto/Point One”

Illustrator Luke Preece: “So much of what I do is influenced by metal”

Debut Track ‘Living Refusal’ Released by Death Metal Band Oblitera [India]

ETERNAL STRUGGLE präsentieren neuen Song „On Broken Backs“

Israelische Hardcore-Band ETERNAL STRUGGLE legen Debütalbum vor

Sepultura – Guardians of Earth (Alternate Audio Version – Quadra Master Track)

Hungarian nu metal quartet ICENAP performing live from Budapest; share top 5 live sessions

Arise is the album that made Sepultura great

Sepultura announce UK tour with Sacred Reich and Crowbar

Sepultura – Roots (Full Album)

Album Review: Memoriam – To The End

Sepultura – Apes of God (feat. Rob Cavestany – Death Angel | SepulQuarta Quarantine Performance)

In Conversation with Necrophobic: Sebastian Ramstedt on Guitar Heroes and ‘Dawn of The Damned’

The Amenta – An Epoch Ellipsis (Official Video)

Iggor Cavalera “Beneath The Drums” Episode 2 “Itsari”

Video Premiere: Pissing Razors – ‘Wasted Away’

Sepultura – Slaves of Pain (feat. Frédéric Leclercq & Marcello Pompeu) Vídeo Oficial

Bandcamp of the Day: Jupiterian

Sepultura – Slave New World (feat. Matt Heafy – Trivium) Vídeo Oficial

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