The Acacia Strain

The Acacia Strain

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THE ACACIA STRAIN premiere new video for “One Thousand Painful Stings”; book Hell Over Europe 4 tour dates

NEWS: The Acacia Strain debut video for ‘One Thousand Painful Stings’!

The Acacia Strain – One Thousand Painful Stings (feat. Courtney LaPlante) (Official Music Video)

Sludgy hardcore duo RIG TIME! covers “Halloween” by the MISFITS, joins State of Mind Recordings!

CHAMBER veröffentlichen eine nächste neue Single

CHAMBER veröffentlichen neues Video „Visions Of Hostility“

CHAMBER veröffentlichen neues Album „Cost Of Sacrifice“

Deathcore act CRAFTING THE CONSPIRACY premiere “Equilibrium (Earthbound II)”; The Cosmic Key II Nears Release Through Innerstrength Records

Ingested – ‘Where Only Gods May Tread’ [Album Review]

The Acacia Strain – “Slow Decay” [Album Review]

The Acacia Strain – Birds of Paradise, Birds of Prey (Official Visualizer)

The Acacia Strain – ‘Slow Decay’

Beatdown hardcore vets NASTY to release Century Media debut “Menace” on September 25th

COUNTERPARTS release “Nothing Left To Love” B-Sides feat. 2 new songs “Purer Form Of Pain” and “Strings Of Separation”

German metalcore act WAVES LIKE WALLS discuss debut album, current world events, and more

【NEWS】デスコア/メタルコアバンドThe Acacia StrainがNewアルバムを7月にリリース、新曲 “EARTH WILL BECOME DEATH”, “One Thousand Painful Stings (feat. Courtney LaPlante)” を公開

The Acacia Strain release Y EP, announce new album

NEWS: The Acacia Strain release ‘Y’ EP; announce ‘Slow Decay’ album!

The Acacia Strain – EARTH WILL BECOME DEATH (Official Audio Video)

NEWS: The Acacia Strain to reportedly release new album, ‘Slow Decay’!

The Acacia Strain – Chhinnamasta (Official Audio Video)

The Acacia Strain release new EP

NEWS: The Acacia Strain release two-track EP, ‘A’!

NEWS: The Acacia Strain release two-track EP, ‘C’!

The Acacia Strain – C (Official Playlist riserecords)

【NEWS】デスコア/メタルコアバンドThe Acacia Strainが新曲2曲を収録したシングル「E」をリリース

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