Alpha Wolf – ‘A Quiet Place To Die’ [Album Review]

Brooklyn heavy hardcore / metal pack COURT ORDER break down new EP

NEWS: Darko (US) finish recording debut album!

USブルータル・ハードコア・バンド EMMURE、ニュー・アルバム『Hindsight』より「Thunder Mouth」アニメーションMV公開!

【NEWS】EmmureがNewアルバムから “Thunder Mouth” のアニメーションMusic Videoを公開

NEWS: Emmure share animated video for ‘Thunder Mouth’!

EMMURE – I’VE SCENE GOD (Official Visualizer)

New Week! New Noizes! #92 (w/ Alain Johannes, Cult of Lilith, Song Sung and more)

Emmure – ‘Hindsight’

ALBUM REVIEW: Emmure – Hindsight

【NEWS】EmmureがNewアルバムから新曲 “I’ve Scene God” を公開

NEWS: Emmure release new song, ‘I’ve Scene God’!


NEWS: Emmure announce eighth album, ‘Hindsight’!

NEWS: Darko (Emmure, Chelsea Grin) release new track, ‘Insects’!

NEWS: Darko (Emmure, Chelsea Grin) detail debut EP, ‘Dethmask’!

NEWS: Emmure & Chelsea Grin members form new band, Darko!

USブルータル・ハードコア・バンド EMMURE、新曲「Gypsy Disco」MV公開!

【NEWS】Emmureが新曲 “Gypsy Disco” を公開

NEWS: Emmure cancel UK/European tour due to coronavirus!

NEWS: Emmure debut video for new song, ‘Gypsy Disco’!

EMMURE – GYPSY DISCO (Official Music Video)

10 Package Tours You Probably Don’t Remember

【NEWS】元EmmureのメンバーによるメタルコアバンドLakeshoreが新曲 “Mountain View” のMusic Videoを公開

MIDNIGHT FOOLISHNESS Invite You to Party Like it’s “2017” with Their New Music Video [Premiere]

LEVELS Will “Encapsulate” You with Their Gripping New Music Video [Premiere]

【NEWS】元EmmureのメンバーによるメタルコアバンドLakeshoreが新曲 “9 Lives” のMusic Videoを公開

NEWS: Emmure confirm UK tour dates for April 2020!

NEWS: Emmure begin working on their eighth album!

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