KAHAL, a 15 year old prodigy of fuzz rock and bedroom pop, shares new single & video “AM I HERE”

Greek hardcore/metal act KIN CORRUPTION strikes back with renewed energy and a creative arsenal full of groovy riffs on “KCHC”

FILTH IS ETERNAL (formerly F*cked and Bound) change name, premiere new muscular single “ZED”

Melbourne melodic power punk rockers JUDO CHOP premiere new video for “Disconnected”

Melodic punk rockers NO BREAKFAST GOODBYE premiere new song & video “No Dice”

Bristol-based Nu-Metal five-piece NO:IR premiere new single and video “Phantom”

PRESS TO MECO screams for attention and beats down your ears with new single “Gold”

“Jar Spell” – watch the newest animated video from Milwaukee screamo act SNAG!

SATANIC PLANET (members of Dead Cross, The Locust, Slayer, The Misfits) release theme song and video from upcoming album!

Punk rockers AMERICAN THRILLS mix gritty punk rock with energetic, upbeat hooks on their new EP, listen!

TOOTH AND CLAW (members of Earth Crisis, Catharsis, Die Young, Ecostrike, Sect, Magnitude) premiere haunting new single “Seventy Times Seven”

Canadian Punk Rock trio BLOCK PARENT release new album “Sick Year, Bro!”

A Discography of Mediocre Punk Rock (2009-2012) – Lancaster emo band BOYFRIENDS premiere new collection release!

Melodic punk rockers NECKSCARS teasing new anthemic album with nw single & video “Jarring”

MODEST MOUSE return with first new album in 6 years; new single ‘We Are Between’ streaming

Brisbane melodic hardcore pack WILDHEART share 3 Aussie acts worth a check; new singles streaming!

RISE AGAINST release new track & video ‘The Numbers’

RISE AGAINST release new track & video ‘The Numbers’

Denver punk rockers share top punk and metal tracks that shaped their new s/t EP “Discomfort Creature”

Denver punk rockers share top punk and metal tracks that shaped their new s/t EP “Discomfort Creature”

Ninety bands in total, thirty per day – the Furnace Fest is back!

Australian heavy hitters OBSERVIST premiere new song & video “Fragments

“Death On Replay” – LA ARMADA are back with new single!

Grungy post hardcore band FIDDLEHEAD share new song “Down University”

THE CANYON OBSERVER unveils new video for 10-minute experimental post metal epic “Come Home and Break My Bones”

FUCKED UP To Release Year Of The Horse On Limited-Edition Vinyl Via Tankcrimes This August

How Will Concert Security Be Affected in 2021?

Post metallers AMENRA share new TOOL-esque video for “De Evenmens”, “De Doorn” coming up on Relapse Records!

DAWN RAY’D announce new recording; Wild Fire I streaming!

Mind bending mathy instrumental prog rockers TENSOR premiere new wicked single “Pacesetter”

Scotland The Brave: Scottish violent grind hardcore punks FREEDOM FIST break down their new political manifest EP

Resist Records signs metalcore act MIRRORS; new single & video streaming!

Fluff Fest 2021 announce first bands! Including INTEGRITY, PETROL GIRLS, and more!

Shadow the sun with bleak new single from metallic crust hardcore band THØRN!

Skate punk rockers PULLEY announce acoustic EP “Different Strings”

Texas punk rockers RIVERBOAT GAMBLERS teasing “RAMOTORHEAD,” featuring covers of RAMONES and MOTORHEAD

NYC’s ZERO TRUST (members of Coheed and Cambria, Bulldoze, Full Scale Riot, Agents of Man, Skarhead) share new video for “Get It”

UK emotional rocker MIDGAR premiere new single & video “Sunburn”, new LP coming up!

HALCYON DAYS’ striking new single “Awakening” delivers melodic metalcore par excellence

“Watching the Earth Breathe” – melodic post hardcore band HONORÉ break down new emotional single line-by-line

Italian hardcore goes Swedish death metal on the new crushing debut from SEIN

CITIZEN release Glass Mix 1 EP, feat. reimagined songs from “Life In Your Glass World” LP

Canadian grinders CHADHEL detail new vicious split with Assiduous Assault on Give Praise Records

Atmospheric, doomy shoegaze act OUTLANDER drops new impressive EP; share top 10 albums worth a check!

SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY share new single “Painting A Clear Picture From A Unreliable Narrator”

Joey Cape and Hugo Mudie re-announce acoustic split record

10 songs to put you in a Bad Mood, with NOSEDIVE

Hardcore punk infused singer-songwriter Fred Lee & The Restless release new single “Devil’s Chokehold”

“The Solemn Leap” – Italian hardcore punks LOCKED IN premiere new EP

Halifax post-hardcore band BOTFLY teams up with No Funeral Records; drops new video for “Dissassociate”

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