From The Beatles to Sunny Deal Real Estate – THE JULIANA THEORY reveal dozens of influences on ambitious new EP “Still The Same Kids”

Post punk rockers ROTTEN MIND discuss politics, touring Europe and more

DYING WISH announce UK dates, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA tour and Furnace Fest coming up later this year

LORNA SHORE share new heavy hitter “Sun // Eater”, new album “Pain Remains” coming up

Polish blackened death metallers IN TWILIGHT’S EMBRACE premiere new full length “Lifeblood”

Greg Puciato shares new song & video “Never Wanted That”

Vermont hardcore bands THE PATH and GONE WRONG teasing new split with new power jams – listen!

An in-depth look behind the extreme metal art by Norwegian hard-hitting trio DEVOID OF LIFE

UK heavy pop-punk band BIG DRINK releases new single “Different Circles” off upcoming EP

Hip Hop, Hardcore, Not Drinking, and more inspirations behind the newest post punk / moody alt rock offering from OLD MOON

Non Serviam’s side project BIOLLANTE shares new music video for “Le Monde Me Revient Crié”, new album out today!

Alt rockers RODERIK share new music, top under the radar emo pop punk rock bands worth a check

BRUECKEN explain new post rock opus “Innere Inruhen”, 6 atmopsheric tracks with the underlying theme of the necessity to rise and speak up

British metal/hardcore band BURNER blend bleak death metal and hardcore into their calculated disorder – new single streaming!

Hamburg metal/hardcore heavyweights DAGGER THREAT streaming new singles; new album ‘WELTSCHMERZ’ coming up

Top 10 sartists to inspire experimental mellow indie rock, by Florida based MIDNIGHT SATIRE

VATICAN share new metal/hardcore banger “[ULTRAGOLD]”

Third SAETIA reunion show added! The band teasing more shows?

SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE joins Furnace Fest 2022 – reunion shows unfolding

“This is the End” – Norwegian tech metallers INSENSE premiere new mind-bending single

“Pure and honest hardcore” – Mississippi punk band JUDY AND THE JERKS releasing new records, European tour coming up!

The Simpsons, Final Fantasy, Magic: The Gathering, and more inspirations behind the stellar new offering from Italian post hardcore / screamo band MEO

Atlanta progressive black metallers TÓMARÚM break down new cohesive epic “Ash in Realms of Stone Icons”

Metallic hardcore band Simulakra throw down on new single “Follow The Flies”


COMEBACK KID European tour is happening this Summer

SAETIA playing first shows in more than 20 years in NYC this year!

CAVE IN release another new video – watch “Reckoning” here!

Metallized hardcore band REACH AD hits hard with new EP “Oath Of Defiance”

SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE reunion confirmed! Riot Fest! performance coming up!

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