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GRAPHIC NATURE drops nu metalcore banger “Human”

Edmonton hardcore crew EYES FRONT hit hard with new self-titled EP

Navigating grief and memory: behind the scenes of “Médée”, new instrumental epic from DRLCT

The Meaning Of Ephemera: 16 voices merge in the culmination of an epic screamo journey

CGDGBD A#FCFAC: exploring the depths of new epic trio of tracks from screamo act TO BE GENTLE

SPEED drops new single and video “DON’T NEED”

SALEM WOLVES dive into wrestling lore with “November”

Irish experimental post-hardcore act SOME IMAGES OF PARADISE discuss new EP “Hell is overcrowded, the dead will have no place to go”

Complete Hatred: SPREAD THIN’s “Friendly Deception” and the World of Snakes

NY/NJ hardcore band DRAGONS AT NOON premiere new song “Breathe (Rid Your Monsters)”

Slowcore alt shoegaze act IRESS unveils atmopsheric new single “In Reverse”, shares influences and inspirations

PRAISE surprise release Coming Up For Air EP on Revelation Records

STAND STILL release debut album Steps Ascending out on DAZE, on tour now with Soul Blind and ASkySoBlack

Flesh rippers GROIN unveil their unrelenting assault with new wild album on No Time Records

Swiss Post-Rock artist DRLCT share new video “Un jour en Octobre”

French/Greek rap hardcore punks KRAV BOCA share new wild animated video for “Panik”

THE EARLY NOVEMBER drops new album via Pure Noise Records, new video for “We Hang On” streaming

Gritty lo-fi emo screamo act Tuzan Decak Kavr Bend share new song “obe​ć​aj”

BANE re-records old song, hits the road big time

DEFTONES and NINE INCH NAILS op up in a study as masters of bedroom and BDSM playlists

Cornwall’s SICK AGAIN blend rock, emo and punk influences in powerful new single “Rip City”

JESUS PIECE share new video for “FTBS”, loads of tour dates coming up

BODY COUNT premiere new video for “Psychopath,” featuring Joe Badolato of FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY

REFUSED frontman recovering from “massive heart attack,” show cancelled

Representing Northern Italy Hardcore: JORELIA drops explosive new EP

HIGHER POWER team up with NEVER ENDING GAME for new single “Stillpoint”

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER teasing tenth studio album, Servitude, with first single and music video

Boston hardcore band MY FICTIONS share “Dreams Of Escape”, ink a deal with 1126 Records

ALEXISONFIRE announce new live album, LIVE Born & Raised 2022, St Catharines – live track streaming

RESPIRE explore immigrant experience with “Keening”: a farewell to past selves and a search for connection

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