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WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM uncovers “Crypt of Ancestral Knowledge”

From Cleveland’s grit: new LAST GASP coming up

“Holy Smokes” – southern styled hardcore punks LET THE WOLVES IN discuss new EP

Enter the “Violent Era”, by Chicago’s CORONARY

DIY is the entire point: an interview with SCHOOL DRUGS

NI’s new wild progressive instrumental “Zerkon” strikes a dissonant chord ahead of album release

Florida’s dark hardcore pack HORSEWHIP teasing new album “Consume and Burn”

Top heavy releases of 2023 – KINGSEEKER shares their top list, new single “…and I explode”

Norwegian melodic metalcore band ATENA unveils evolving sound in new album ‘Subway Anthem’

“Would You Miss It?” – new album from KOYO is finally here! New video, tour dates posted

Post hardcore band MAPS AND FOILS unveils ‘Infernal’ amid line-up shift

BEAR roars back: Belgian metallic hardcore band delivers raw emotion on ‘VANTA’

“New Love”: a glimpse into the newest EP from Italian emotive rockers JAGUERO

FU MANCU drummer Scott Reeder discusses new project JACKET THIEF

BAYWAY NJ share new rap hardcore mosh banger “Stretchin Tha Truth”, feat. Ant Money

NECK DEEP emerges new new self-titled album: a return to the roots

PAINT IT BLACK share new single “Dominion”, new album coming up on Revelation Records

Cybergrind act ZOMBIESHARK! shares “Heads I Win, Tales You Lose, You Are My Sunshine”

OAKHANDS tangles with the abyss in ‘A Circle with Many Centres’: a melodic confrontation of depression

Temper and The Sex: unveiling THEO VANDENHOFF’s sensuous sonic journey

MOUTH FOR WAR serves a brutal burst of metalcore magnitude o the horizon

TRIPPER’s new ferocius single streaming – listen to ‘Pressed’, ‘People Die Every Day’ EP coming up

“Down, Down” drifts up: emotive rockers ANXIOUS share new single amidst exhausting tour with THE WONDER YEARS

DYING WISH process anger and hurt with “Path To Your Grave” – watch new video now!

A dive into PRIVATE HELL’s bleak new offering “Days of Wrath”

Brooklyn experimental alt rockers KING-MOB premiere new EP “Stutter Pulse”

TAKING BACK SUNDAY share another new track – listen to “Amphetamine Smiles”

Dream pop duo SIX IMPOSSIBLE THINGS unveil “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living”

YEAR OF THE KNIFE teasing new album with new singles feat. members of Sanguisugabogg and Full of Hell

HOPESFALL revives “The Satellite Years” with a fresh mix and a nostalgic touch

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