SARIN provides a seductive experience with their new post metal oeuvre “You Can’t Go Back”

Canadian screamo adepts FOXMOULDER streaming new discography release!

SAVES THE DAY tribute compilation for charity HeartSupport out today!

Musicians pushing the boundaries with social commentary in their lyrics

AFI shares 2 new songs “Twisted Tongues” & “Escape From Los Angeles”

Post metal act WE ARE AMONG STORMS premiere new single “Traveller”

Melt your face with crossover thrash punches from INHUMAN NATURE and their top 10 records worth a check

Get ready for some raw and mind-blowing etreme metal illustrating the ugliness of this world in the upcoming sonic masterpiece from ILLT

GATECREEPER drops new surprise album “An Unexpected Reality”

GATECREEPER drops new surprise album “An Unexpected Reality”

Chicago Skate Punks COUNTERPUNCH share “We, The Role”

UK punks DRONES release new single ‘Learn’ (Thousand Islands / LockJaw Records)

LA Political Punks TOTAL MASSACRE Release Fiery New Single “Get Rich Or Try Dying”

CITIZEN announce “Life In Your Glass World”; share new video “I Want To Kill You”

Nashville hardcore band THIRDFACE shares grinding lead single & announces album via Exploding In Sound Records

Ship Thieves (Hot Water Music) and Reconciler (ex-Less Than Jake, Gunmoll) releasing new split this Friday

Iceland’s spacious post-rock / alt rock act VAR releasing 4-Song EP ‘Live at Orgelsmidjan’; premiere new video for “Where To Find You”

SOM: atmospheric rock collective with members of Constants, Junius, Caspian teasing Awake EP with new video “Awake // Sedate”

NOTHING.NOWHERE drops new “one take” video: watch “fake friend” NOW!

“Fade”: post rock veterans GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT release new song & video

MOGWAI releases new video for “Richie Sacramento”, the second single from “As The Love Continues”

NOFX announce new album; new single “Linewleum” (feat. Avenged Sevenfold) streaming

French indie emo act GOLDEN SEAMS makes the heart swell with new captivating record “Sublimons les Blessures”

GrungeGaze rockers TIMELOST premiere new song “Alone, Clean, and Slow”; new LP coming up

THE JULIANA THEORY usher in a better new year with hopeful single and touching video “Better Now”

Extreme metallers AGE OF WOE premiere new single “A Feral Swarm”; “Envenom” LP coming up on Lifeforce Records

PORTRAYAL OF GUILT streaming new single “Garden Of Despair”

TRUE FAITH serve a refreshingly energetic take on cold wave with their debut album “As Much Nothing As Possible”

“One Life, One Ethic” – vegan metalcore act FORWARD TO EDEN starts “A Jihad For The Sake Of Nature” with brand new song & video

CEREMONY announce ‘Rohnert Park’ 10 Year Anniversary LP + “Doldrums” 7″ Single streaming!

Shoegazin’ grungy punk act RAW PLASTIC drops debut demo

French sludgecore practioners COLOSSUS OF DESTINY stream brand new album ‘Last Call’

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Reasons Why Music Helps Improve Your Memory

Straight Edge crew ANOTHER WAY drops an anti-police-brutality demo & music video

Italian passionate hardcore pack LOCKED IN returns with first new music in 7 years; “Not Dead Yet” EP premiering NOW!

Swedish powerviolence barbarians PRESCRIPTIONDEATH break down new LP “Suffering Totality”; new video streaming

Convulsively intense – Canadian mathcore / chaotic hardcore trio FEMUR break down their new album “For the Love of It”

UK melodic hardcore / metalcore band IMMERSE looks back at 2020; new single & video streaming

“Corrupt” – Italian mathcore / post hardcore band LACITTÀDOLENTE premiere new video

German artsy post hardcore act OAKHANDS streaming new video for “P A L M I N G”

Feminist queer punks ZIMNY MAJ teasing debut album “Anomalia”; new track streaming

Italian hardcore band LOCKED IN return with new EPs on Epidemic Records; new song streaming

10 great indie live videos from the Letterman Show, by Paris grungy indie rockers WONDERFLU

Great Gig Memories from Punks and Friends – new book available!

Grungy, progressive alt rockers KOALA KAMAJI break down impressive, multifaceted rock album “Great Gravity”

Syracuse agoraphobic, nihilistic, queer punk CHEAT 2 WIN releases new raw thrasgy hardore demo

Russian heavy post rockers SHOW ME A DINOSAUR refill blackgaze with a renewed radiance on new opus “Plantgazer”

YOUNG MOUNTAIN serves a tribute to he youthful spirit with new video “Lovely”

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