Captivating melodic punk rockers THE JACKLIGHTS premiere new earworm EP “Drift”

Heavy sludge post hardcore band HEIRESS (members of Himsa, Undertow) teasing “Distant Fires” LP with new single, listen!

Punk rockers TELEHON are back; new video and more songs streaming!

CAVE IN ink a deal with Relapse Records, new album coming up in 2022

Dane Tutty and Chris No. 2 od ANTI-FLAG share thoughts on new hearty EP “Bend And Break”, new video for “BPD” streaming!

Late 80s hardcore vets FREEWILL teasing new comback album with another new single!

Hardcore band DARE streaming new song “Hard To Cope”, feat. Scott Vogel of TERROR

Port Mac, Australia’s heaviest exports are back and ready to go off like a bomb: listen to ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ from LETTERBOMB A.D.

Top Heavy Bands Of 2021, by djent tinged metalcore act INRETROSPECT – new single “My Last Breath” streaming!

GRAND COLLAPSE unveil new power single “Without Let Or Hindrance”

RISE AGAINST share new acoustic version of rock hit “Nowhere Generation”, featuring vocals by Meg Myers

St. Petersburg instrumental trio ANTETHIC unveils new collection of b-sides dubbed “Mythographer” on Church Road Records

Kentucky screamo act SCENARIO streaming new 5-tracker “Sounds in Sequence”

DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 share a dynamic new music video for the track “Modern Guy”, tour dates coming up

ADIÓS CABALLOS serve a strikingly emotional exploration into different shades of post hardcore

Long Island post hardcore rockers CRASH THE CALM premiere new video “My Nowhere”; talk influences

Italian post-hardcore act IF I DIE TODAY release new gloomy single “Places”

A light after darkness – Italian emtional screamo act CHIVÀLA premieres new powerful record; offer commentary

British melodic hardcore band BLOOD YOUTH release another new song called “Cells”

HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS announce 8th album; new video for “Constant Dread” streaming

MONO release new single and cinematic video “Riptide”, upcoming album “Pilgrimage Of The Soul” detailed, tour dates available

Dark wave / electronic queer doom goths REVERSELS premiere new album “LaSabre”, listen!

Melbourne melodic punk rockers CLOWNS streaming new song & video; watch “Sarah” HERE!

California rockers THRICE are back with new LP; new single streaming!

Oi! trouble makers ROUGH CUTS talk history, culture, the Toronto music scene, and their new split 7” EP with UK’s RED ALERT

BITTER BRANCHES: “This May Hurt A Bit” EP gets a new re-release; track by track and brief interview available!

Brooklyn rockers OBITS (members of Drive Like Jehu, Edsel) streaming new live LP; discuss the past touring, and more

Toronto mathy emo rockers GROWING FINS discuss inspirations behind their thunderously emotional self-titled EP

Spinning classics and newer influences for a driving post punk record, by German band CHOKE BOY

Australian hardcore / powerviolence unit BURN IN HELL unleash “Cathedral” / Listen HERE!

Australian hardcore / powerviolence unit BURN IN HELL unleash “Cathedral” / Listen HERE!

Heavy hardcore hitters MAYA OVER EYES share new EP “Despierta”

Heavy hardcore hitters MAYA OVER EYES share new EP “Despierta”

Pop punk rockers CALLING ALL CAPTAINS share new power track “Undone”

Metallic hardcore pack FOREIGN PAIN share new heavy single and musi video!

Top 10 Czech Metal Bands Worth Checking Out, by technical death metallers SUPREME CONCEPTION

French hardcore / reggae punks BLACK MANTRA check in with new song, new exciting crossover split coming up!

7 Important Things You Should Know When Purchasing a Musical Instrument

Hearty punk’n’rock’n’rollers THE PETTY SAINTS discuss San Diego music scene, live shows, and more

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE announce new streaming event set for August 6; tour dates available

Pre Noise Records signs rock band BORN WITHOUT BONES

UK Crust/Metal Quartet PRAY U PREY premiere lyric video for new single “Living Library”

DFL, aka Dead Fucking Last, to release their first record in 24 years this Summer!

DFL, aka Dead Fucking Last, to release their first record in 24 years this Summer!

Need Help Choosing The Right DJ Equipment? Here’s How To Do It

Metallic hardcore pack FINALIZER drops new heavy jam “Misery”; new EP coming up on Injustice Records

CHURCHBURN return with most monumentally ruthless, punishing album Genocidal Rite

AFI streaming new video for “Tied To A Tree”

Hardcore mob SECTION H8 share new brutal single “Track & Field”

Hardcore band DRIP-FED streaming new live session from CEDAR CREEK STUDIOS

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