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Nothing But Thieves – Futureproof (Official Video)

Bandcamp of the Day: Feculent

News: Doom Rock Icons The Obsessed and The Skull Announce US Co-Headlining Tour

特撮、メトロノーム、NoGoD、アルルカン、cali≠gari、Jin-Machineなど2日間にわたり21組出演!”CRUSH OF MODE”、赤羽ReNY alphaとMusic Lab.濱書房からの2元同時中継で開催!

MARKY RAMONE’S BLITZKRIEG kommt 2022 auf Europa-Tour

ZION – A tribute by Gaz Tidey


“The beauty of not understanding it is letting it stay alive”: The untold story of Tool’s Lateralus at 20

New Noise’s Bandcamp Friday Picks: May 2021

Nap Eyes release Green Day cover

ORIANTHI: Live with Orianthi for the Official Launch of the Orianthi SJ-200 Acoustic Custom

Michael Schenker Group – ‘Immortal’ [Album Review]

Could you beat this Metallica fan on Mastermind?

Scarlet Aura – Riding Like The Wind (5th Anniversary / Remastered 2021) Official Video

What the girl from the cover of Hole’s Live Through This looks like now

Budapest melodic hardcore punks SATELLES tackle politics with important new singles The Dividing Line and History Prevails

Hungarian nu metal quartet ICENAP performing live from Budapest; share top 5 live sessions

190 Proof: Yester Daze’s Brandon McShad and Zach Lemmay Discuss The Best and Worst of Alcohol

Serj Tankian – Electric Yerevan (Official Video)

EP review: Serj Tankian – Elasticity

The Blue Stones Let Us In on Their Top 10 Favourite Cocktails

Producer Catherine Marks: “No matter what barriers are in the way, you should just climb over them”

U.D.O. – Wrong Side Of Midnight (2021) // Official Live Video // AFM Records

MUCC、4/21発売予定のベスト・アルバム『明星』桜井 青(cali≠gari)がデザインしたジャケ写公開!

Corey Taylor to embark on socially-distanced solo tour this spring

News: God’s Hate Release New Song, ‘God’s Hate’

Trope – Pareidolia (Official Video)

Women of Rock: Fight The Fade Drummer Alyssa Worth Lists Her Foremost Female Inspirations

Årabrot – Norwegian Gothic Part 1: Kinks of the Heart (Official Video)

Corey Taylor has completed five film scripts

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