Death Metal Masters – Godless – Release New Track/Video/Announce Debut Album [India]

Shenzhen Hardcore Heroes Shoot The Gun Release Fullset Live Video From CNHC Fest

Hardcore Band HighxVoltage Release Killer Fullset Live Video [Thailand]

76 Years Ago Hiroshima Was Bombed – Japanese Hardcore Bands Unite To Commemorate

Beatdown Band Esclave 857 Drop New Lyric Video ‘Serpent’s Tongue’ [Malaysia]

Philippines and Singapore Bands Unite To Share Their Love of Bikes – The Ironfist/Exitus

Nu-Metalcore Band Fortamaya Release EP – Give Us Full Breakdown [Thailand]

Deathgrind Band Horrified Drop Debut Track ‘Greed Bloom’ [Indonesia]

Melodic Death Metal Band Rêvasseur Announce Debut Single/EP [Vietnam]

Hardcore Band Bloodclut Release Track About Loyalty [Philippines]

Taiwan Screamo Band US:WE Release 3 Way Split Record [Taiwan]

Metalcore Band Noeazy Release Hilarious Music Video For New Track [South Korea]

DEMO ALERT: Slam Beatdown Band Inequality Release Demo [Thailand]

“The Song Questions What It’s Like to be in a Position of Power” Dogeater Release New Track

Indie Rock Band Spell The Words Release New Track [Philippines]

Punk Band Brahman Return With Epic New Track and Even More Epic Video [Japan]

Brutal Death Metal Band Phlegmicide Release New Album [India]

Grindcore Band Self Deconstruction Announce Special Release – Orders Up [Japan]

Black Speed Metal Band Demonslaught 66 Release Track Off Upcoming Split [China]

Emotive Punk band Timeless Release Sophomore Album ‘Jaguar’ [Indonesia]

Punk Rock Band Lips!! Release Live in the Studio Video [Indonesia]

Hard As Nails – Check Out Hardcore Band Someold On Three New Bangers [Japan]

Powerviolence Band Wrong State Here To Fuck Up Your Weekend – Get On It [Japan]

Pop Punk Band Palmera Spring Release Debut Track [Philippines]

Anime-Inspired Deathcore Band Human Instrumentality Project Release Trailer [China]

Chengdu Hardcore Represent – Gaiwaer Drop Music Video and New Single [China]

Gazecore Band Lip Servants Release Split With Vocalist of Punk Band After After Party [Hong Kong]

90’s Inspired Metallic Hardcore Band Excused Duty Release Summer Promo [Korea]

Melodic Death Metal Band GG Project Slay It [Thailand]

Progressive Metalcore Band Iris 13 Release Second Single ‘Cosmic Fire’ [India]

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