EVANESCENCE、コロナ禍におけるバンド初の公開パフォーマンスとなる配信ライヴ”A Live Session From Rock Falcon Studio”日本時間12/6開催!

Evanescence – Use My Voice [Live Session From Rock Falcon Studio]

Joel Hoekstra’s 13 – “Hard To Say Goodbye” – Official Audio

Evanescence Announce Livestream Event From Nashville’s Rock Falcon Studio

Amy Lee: Evanescence Are “Not Far Off” Finishing Their New Album

Evanescence performing Bring Me To Life. (c) 2004 Wind-up Records, LLC (Official Live Video)

【NEWS】Bring Me The Horizonが新曲 “Teardrops” のMusic Videoを公開

Bring Me The Horizon Unveil Tear Drops – Oli Sykes’ “Favourite Song” On Their New Record

BRING ME THE HORIZON、EP『Post Human: Survival Horror』10/30配信リリース!BABYMETALとの初コラボ曲、Amy Lee(EVANESCENCE)フィーチャリング曲も収録!

Bring Me The Horizon Announce 2021 Arena Tour


【NEWS】Bring Me The HorizonがNewアルバムを今月末にリリース、BABYMETALがゲスト参加した楽曲も収録

BMTH Announce Post Human: Survival Horror EP Featuring BABYMETAL, Amy Lee

Amy Lee(EVANESCENCE)とコラボレーション!和楽器バンド、「Sakura Rising」日米イラストレーター共作アニメ・リリック・ビデオ公開!

SONG OF ANHUBIS – Teratos (Official Music Video)

Watch Machine Gun Kelly Perform With Travis Barker At The MTV VMAs

EVANESCENCE、Lzzy Hale(HALESTORM)やSharon Den Adel(WITHIN TEMPTATION)らゲスト参加の新曲「Use My Voice」MV公開!

NEWS: Evanescence share video for ‘Use My Voice’!

Evanescence – Use My Voice (Official Music Video)

Watch Evanescence’s New Video For Use My Voice

Amy Lee On Why Evanescence Are Releasing Their New Album “One Song At A Time”

The 20 Greatest Evanescence Songs – Ranked

Amy Lee: Why I Started Talking About Politics

Evanescence – Use My Voice (Official Audio)

Evanescence, Iron Maiden And Whitesnake Members Jam Paul McCartney Cover

EVANESCENCE、新曲「Use My Voice」配信リリース!Lzzy Hale(HALESTORM)、Sharon Den Adel(WITHIN TEMPTATION)らゲスト参加!

EP Review: Halestorm – Reimagined

Evanescence Release New Single, Use My Voice, Featuring Lzzy Hale, Taylor Momsen And More

NEWS: Evanescence enlist several guest vocalists on ‘Use My Voice’!

Amy Lee Posts Empowering Statement Addressing “The Lack Of Women In The Mainstream Rock World”

Evanescence Tease New Single Featuring Lzzy Hale, Taylor Momsen And More

NEWS: Halestorm release video for ‘Break In’, featuring Amy Lee!

HALESTORM、リワーク&カバーEP『Reimagined』よりAmy Lee(EVANESCENCE)をフィーチャーした「Break In」新バージョンMV公開!

HALESTORM、リワーク&「I Will Always Love You」カバー収録のEP『Reimagined』8/14リリース決定!Amy Lee(EVANESCENCE)をフィーチャーした「Break In」音源公開!

Chaos Magic feat. Caterina Nix – “Falling Again” – Official Music Video

Halestorm Announce Reimagined EP Featuring Cover Of I Will Always Love You

Broken Machine Wants You to Think for Yourself with ‘Fly Me to the Sun’ [Album Premiere]

Fleetwood Mac’s Peter Green: 1946-2020

The 20 Greatest Paramore Songs – Ranked

Watch Evanescence’s Disturbing New Video For The Game Is Over

Evanescence – The Game Is Over (Official Music Video)

NEWS: Evanescence debut new single, ‘The Game Is Over’!

Evanescence – The Game Is Over (Official Audio)

EVANESCENCE、新曲「The Game Is Over」配信リリース!MVプレミア公開も決定!

Evanescence Release New Song, The Game Is Over


Evanescence – “Wasted On You” (Official Fan Video)

NEWS: Evanescence & Within Temptation reschedule UK tour to 2021!

Evanescence And Within Temptation Postpone Worlds Collide Tour To 2021

NEWS: Amy Lee (Evanescence) covers ‘Cruel Summer’ by Bananarama!

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