Yorkshire Rockers Dead Romantic Talk Musical Evolution, Freezing Cold Video Shoots, and New Album ‘Voices’

With British rock bands making waves in the charts, and the long-awaited return of live music on the horizon, the future is looking brighter for UK rock. Hopefully with this new beginning will come a wave of new acts and, if the standard is anything like that of Yorkshire chaps Dead Romantic, then the future is indeed brilliant. Prior to the release of their brand new single, “Kissed With A Lie,” and their new album, Voices, we spoke to the group about their inspirations, the return of live music, and what on earth possessed them to climb up a Yorkshire mountain in the middle of February to film a music video. Thanks for your time. How is life treating you today? Dan Taylor: “Life is as good as can be expected in the current climate, we’re still hard at work finishing some tracks for the d...

We Are Not Your Kind

アイオワが産んだ猟奇趣味的激烈音楽集団、スリップノット。数々の苦難&受難を乗り越え、いよいよ完全復活を果たす―――― 通算6枚目となるニュー・アルバム『ウィー・アー・ノット・ユア・カインド』をロードランナーよりリリース! !

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