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Track Premiere: MAYA LUCIA – ‘ur ruining it !’

Video Premiere: Years Down – ‘Better Off’

Video Premiere: Havoc Faction – ‘Crossfire’

Album Review: Plasmodium – Towers of Silence

Track Premiere: Betty Moon – ‘My Only One’

Track Spotlight: Back Of A Car – ‘Tonight Is’

Track Premiere: Pedestrian Lifestyle – ‘Nocturnal Sea’

Video Premiere: Salo – ‘Crucifix’

Video Premiere: Kulick – ‘Waiting For You’

Desertfest reveal full, massive 2022 line-up

Radio Days nuovo singolo “What is Life?”: manuale per il divertimento sfrenato (e per l’hangover del giorno dopo)

Don’t Get Left in the ‘Duszt;’ Check Out Jody Bigfoot’s New Album! [Premiere]

Lovebreakers – Primary Colours

MOTÖRHEAD、ライヴ・アルバム『No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith』40周年記念しアニバーサリー拡大版でリリース!

At The Gates unleash new single, Spectre Of Extinction

Punk In Drublic 2021 wird auf Ende August verschoben

Stand Atlantic ft. nothing,nowhere. – deathwish (Official Music Video)

横浜発ウルトラ・ネオ・エスニック・バンド IRIE BOYS、1stフル・アルバム『Buddys FM 045』7/7リリース!

Twenty One Pilots – Choker (Official Video)

PLIZZKEN veröffentlichen neue Single „Dear All Happy People“

NEWS: Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes share new song, ‘My Town’!

GRADE 2 verkünden Tour-Termine für 2022

実久里ことの(神使轟く、激情の如く。)、激ロック・プロデュースによる美容室”ROCK HAiR FACTORY”のヘアモデルに登場!スタイルを公開!

Last Hyena – ‘How Soon Is Mars?’

NEWS: Bronnie releases new song, ‘3, 2, 1’!

DEXCORE、新ベーシスト 会 -kai-加入&最新アーティスト・ヴィジュアル公開!最新作「Red eye」MVも解禁!


Cory Marks – Blame It On The Double feat. Tyler Connolly of Theory Of A Deadman and Jason Hook (Official Video)

“People don’t understand it and it scares them”: Man On Man confront metal’s homophobia problem

Kevee Lynch Releases New Single ‘Seven Seas’

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