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SOCIAL DISTORTION verkünden Nachholtermine für 2021

6 Things We Want From The New Marilyn Manson Album

PASCOW stellen Film „Lost Heimweh“ zur Verfügung

Exocrine – “Abyssal Flesh” (Official Lyric Video)

Single Review: Broadway Calls – Meet Me On The Moon

Bengal Lancers – I’m Still Here (lyric video)

Dave Grohl Emails BBC Staff To Thank Them For Times Like These Charity Cover

HANK VAN HELL (ex-Turbonegro) veröffentlicht neues Album „Dead“

Spanish bands LULLAVY and CONJUNTO PODENCO team up for an excellent noise rock / post punk split record

Over 100 Wheatus Fans Perform Epic Quaranteenage Dirtbag Cover

A Day To Remember’s New Album Is The Soundtrack To These Dark Times

Progressive death metal beast NECK OF THE WOODS premiere new lyric video for “Ambivalence”

Singapore Pioneer Punk Metal Band Opposition Party Launch Youtube Channel

International Grindcore Release Out Now Feat. Bands from Nepal, Indonesia and India

Cassels Share New Live Video & Announce Rescheduled Tour Dates

Laudany – Loosing Shelter | Quarentena Online Festival – parte 28


DESTRUCTION – Born To Thrash – Live In Germany’ Out May 8th (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

The Battery Farm Reveal Plans For ‘Bandcamp Friday’

Claudio Sanchez: “Sometimes I Look At Us And Think Of King Kong… We’re These Savages From The Jungle Put Out There As A Spectacle”

EP REVIEW: SPQR – No Brain, No Pain

NEWS: Marilyn Manson finishes recording eleventh album!

BABYMETAL、5/10にオンライン・ライヴ第2弾として初の海外アリーナ単独ライヴ”LIVE AT WEMBLEY”をオフィシャルYouTubeチャンネルで開催!

NEWS: A.A. Williams announces debut album, ‘Forever Blue’!

Watch Lars Ulrich’s Sons Cover The Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby

NEWS: Dregg drop two new songs, ‘Freaking Out’ and ‘Feeling Fine’!

Thom Yorke debuts new song “Plasticine Figures”

NEWS: Vile Creature debut video for ‘You Who Has Never Slept’!

The Way Of Purity – “Bemoan AD” Official Lyric Video

NEWS: Bowling For Soup cover ‘When The Angels Sing’ by Social Distortion!

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