“Forlorn” – THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA streaming new music video

Mike Hranica [vocals], Jeremy DePoyster [vocals, guitar], Mason Nagy [bass], Kyle Sipress [guitar], Jonathan Gering [keys, synthesizers], and Giuseppe Capolupo [drums] — have released the much-anticipated “ZII” EP via Solid State Records. It’s a discordant, dissonant exercise in excellence. Get the “ZII” EP here. The band has shared the video for “Forlorn”. “Hopelessness is a primary theme to ‘ZII’ and ‘Forlorn’ really drives that home”, says Hranica. “While fictitious zombie songs aren’t intended to particularly tug at one’s heart string,’Forlorn’ goes all in at the sense of loss within the zombie apocalypse”. The original “Zombie” EP dropped all the way back in Au...

We Are Not Your Kind

アイオワが産んだ猟奇趣味的激烈音楽集団、スリップノット。数々の苦難&受難を乗り越え、いよいよ完全復活を果たす―――― 通算6枚目となるニュー・アルバム『ウィー・アー・ノット・ユア・カインド』をロードランナーよりリリース! !

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