Crawling Manifest’s New Lyric Video Grants You the “Right To Refrain Silence” [Premiere]

If you’re feeling restless, if you feel like raising your fist in the air, if you feel like fighting… well we got the anthem for you! Thrash metallers Crawling Manifest have given you the “Right to Refrain Silence,” with their brand new lyric video, off of the band’s latest record Radical Absolution. Of the album’s eight songs, this is the barnburner, the livewire, the firecracker, the track that will have you rallying around the band, as they point out the very deliberate failings of our so-called leaders. It’s a rallying cry for fans to unite around and come together, in light of all of the police violence and social unrest that have overtaken society over the last year. This is a theme that reoccurs throughout the album, with Crawling Manifest really digging into the current socia...

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