Billy Corgan: “I don’t play any songs I don’t want to play. I don’t care if they’re classic or not”

“The UK is one of the greatest musical cultures in the world, if not the greatest musical culture in the world,” says Billy Corgan.  Thanks very much. The Smashing Pumpkins leader may add with a smile that he hates ​“the way the media treats things”, and ​“Can’t stand the snobbishness – it’s a bit much for us as Americans,” but in his long time coming over here to play, he’s found something special about our grey, unpleasant land.  “There’s something about the pressure of the music culture in the UK that produces these incredible moments,” he continues. ​“And hated it when I first went there because I felt like we weren’t being favoured. And then when we were favoured, we were kind of treated like, ​‘Yeah, we’re still not really sure about you.’...

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