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DS Remembers: Reflections on the Life of Music Icon Steve Albini

DS Show Review: Stiff Little Fingers’ Final U.S. Tour “Hate Has No Home Here.” Chicago (05.10.2024)

DS Show Review & Gallery: Bayside; Finch; Armor for Sleep; and Winona Fighter. Chicago (04.29.2024)

DS News: Steve Albini, Prolific Record Producer, Audio Engineer, Musician, Music Journalist and Chicago Punk Scene Icon Dead at 61.

DS Show Review and Gallery: Swami and the Bed of Nails + Meat Wave – Chicago (04.12.2024)

DS Interview: Jake Burns, of Stiff Little Fingers, talks about the band’s final coast-to-coast US tour, new adventures, and more

DS Interview: Getting precise with Dan Precision (Dan Wleklinski)

DS Show Review & Gallery: The Bouncing Souls, Blind Adam and the Federal League; and Vic Ruggiero. Chicago (03.09.2024)

DS Interview: Ian MacDougall (Riverboat Gamblers, Band of Horses) on Broken Gold’s new music.

DS Show Review & Gallery: Bad Planning, The Reaganomics, Space Age Zeros, and Burn Rebuild. Chicago (01.20.2024)

DS Show Review & Gallery: The Eradicator, Distants, Mulva, and Royal Dogs at Reggie’s Music Joint. Chicago (12.30.2023)

DS Show Review & Gallery: Sincere Engineer record release show, with The Brokedowns, and Canadian Rifle at Metro. Chicago. (12.23.2023).

DS Show Review & Gallery: A Wilhelm Scream; Counterpunch; and Much The Same. Chicago (12.12.2023)

DS Exclusive: Interview with Gina Volpe of Lunchachicks and BANTAM

DS Show Review & Gallery: Woolworthy; Acoustic Pike; and Dave Suh and Dirty Wings. Chicago (11.22.2023)

DS Show Review & Gallery: 6th Annual Slackfest night 2 – The Slackers; Eastern Standard Time; Los Vicios de Papá; and Lady Hatchet. Chicago (11.18.2023)

DS Show Review & Gallery: MakeWar, Good Friend, and Tightwire at Reggie’s Music Joint. Chicago (11.01.2023)

DS Photo Gallery: T1 Fest Nights 1 & 3 at Reggie’s Rock Club. Chicago (10.19.2023 & 10.21.2023)

DS Review and Gallery: Violent Femmes Celebrate 40th Anniversary of its Debut Album at the Riviera Theatre; with Elizabeth Moen in support. Chicago (10.05.2023)

DS Introductions: Characters of Riot Fest 2023

DS Exclusive: Riverboat Gamblers on the Re-Release of “Something To Crow About,” the Band’s Roots and its Legacy.

DS Show Review & Gallery: Ween at The Salt Shed. Chicago (09.09.2023)

Remembering Chicago Punk Legend John Kezdy, Lead Singer For The Effigies

Show Review & Gallery: Punk-O-Rama! featuring Zero Boys, Negative Approach, Criminal Kids, Off With Their Heads and more – Chicago (09.01.2023 – 09.02.2023)

DS Show Review & Gallery: Cultivate Music Festival featuring Fishbone, Murphy’s Law, and the The Goddamn Gallows, among others. (Chicago. (08.25.2023-08.27.2023)

DS Show Reviews and Gallery: Pegboy preps for the UK, Heavy Seas lends support. Chicago (07.27.2023)

DS News: Joey Jonas, Drummer for Bad Year, Passes Away.

DS Show Review & Gallery: Return of Blue Meanies, with The Tossers and Weaker Youth Ensemble (Chicago – 07.22.2023)

DS Show Review & Gallery: From Parts Unknown, Death and Memphis, and Voice of Addiction. Chicago, IL (07.11.2023)

Show and Match Review & Gallery: Dropkick Murphys and Shaquille “DJ Diesel’ O’Neal at Major League Rugby National Championship. (Bridgeview, IL – 7/8/23)

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