Album Review: Conan – Live At Freak Valley

Holy good god; how are Conan not tearing a hole in space and time when they plug in? Even black holes envy how this band can warp the fabric of reality with their down tuned, sludge-O-matic style of doom.  Conan are dropping their third live album, Live at Freak Valley, March 12 via Napalm Records. Nine songs of three-chord punishment drilled through Marshall and Orange speaker stacks. Feel the fuzz! Of course, when you’re talking about live records, there’s the production and sound aspect you have to address, which is literally flawless on this album. I’ve said this in the past regarding Conan—they’re better live than in studio, which is the total opposite of most bands. Conan should tear a page out of the Blue Cheer handbook and just record everything outdoors in front of an audien...


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