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LENNON KELLY: fuori il video “se questa è terra”

Slipknot – Adderall (Official Audio)

New diverse REGULATE album is out today on Flatspot Records – listen!

PASCOW geben Release-Tour für 2023 bekannt

Israeli sludgy, blackened post metal beast NÜR hits hard with new single “The Line Age”

Melodic hardcore punk rockers PINK SNOT share new single, thoughts on Winnipeg punk scene, and more

All Hours Share Video For Light

THE BARE MINIMUM channel skate-punk into something new with their new single “Conspiracy 2 (Shadowban)”

Hartford-based metalcore act BOUNDARIES hit hard with new song and video “Burying Brightnes”

NADA Y NADA evokes visions of symmetry and speaks of deep delirium and tiredness with new video for the song “Vice Versa”

Blame Kandinsky Share Video For Ruined; Eclectic Ruiner LP Out December 2nd Via Venerate Industries

Iodine Recordings Reissued One Night Stay LP By Orange Island

VUKOVI release new single QUENCH

Better Noise Music Launches A Rocktober Campaign, Celebrating New Music Releases And The Label’s Iconic Catalog

Dazed Released New Single “Paralysed”

Full Force 2023: Festival mit nächster großer Bandwelle

Boundaries Share Video For Burying Brightness

Iodine Recordings reissues ORANGE ISLAND’s One Night Stay on vinyl

Americana infused punk rockers THE 1984 DRAFT premiere new video for “Rhino”

Jimmy Eat World Shared Video For Acoustic Version Of Something Loud

Cologne dark shoegaze / post-punk duo SUIR premiere new performance video for “Vampires”

DEXCOREのライヴ・レポート公開!豪華フィーチャリング・ゲストも参加!超満員のオーディエンスを集めたワンマン・ライヴ”-18-“Spotify O-WEST公演をレポート!

BLUE ENCOUNT、”コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ R2″EDテーマ「Z.E.R.O.」MV公開!ブルエン史上最もソリッド且つ激しすぎる演奏シーンが際立つMVが完成!

STANDZ、Kazuya(Vo)主催”LIFE SIZE Vol.27″にて新曲「DOG」リリース!イベントのライヴ配信も!

山嵐、[“Painkiller” TOUR Season.2]ゲストにKNOCK OUT MONKEY、SHIMA、NOISEMAKERら決定!

Statues On Fire Share New Single “We Shall Overcome”

Sid Wilson: “I have this energy that’s a combination of patience, strength and wisdom… when it’s directed in the right place, I’m unstoppable”

Swedish screamo act SUIS LA LUNE share “Everything Else”, a collection of singles, splits, compilation tracks

2 breeds of hardcore, one crossover soul – new thrash punk records today: FORESEEN & ROCK BOTTOM


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