The Early November’s Ace Enders breaks down new S/T album, track by track

When The Early November broke up after just two albums in 2007, you might not have realized they were about to become one of emo’s lifer bands, but that’s exactly what happened. After a four-year hiatus, they returned with their third album In Currents in 2012, and their second act has grown into something even more fruitful than their first. Today, they release their sixth proper album, which is self-titled and comes 22 years after their debut EP, and they still never falter or sound outdated. They’ve scaled their core lineup down to the duo of vocalist/guitarist Ace Enders and Jeff Kummer, but you probably wouldn’t guess it from listening; they sound big on this LP, which they also self-produced at Ace’s studio in Ocean City, NJ. Ace said via press release t...


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