Crusty metallic hardcore from up close – minus.mensch perform live for Audiotree Sessions

In the wake of the recent unveiling of their ferocious EP “Death Cult,” the formidable ensemble known as minus.mensch has graciously shared a performance captured during their Audiotree Sessions. This captivating live visual offering has been embraced within the prestigious Audiotree Worldwide category, bestowing upon them the distinct honor of being the inaugural Estonian band to grace the Audiotree YouTube channel. Hailing from the historic city of Tallinn, minus.mensch was birthed amidst the frigid winter of 2017. Presently, they have ascended to the upper echelons of the Estonian and Baltic musical landscape, revered as one of the most unrelenting and sonically imposing collectives in the region. The band’s artistic musings are deeply influenced by the Swedish sound o...

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