New Found Glory – ‘Make The Most of It’

L.S. Dunes – ‘Past Lives’

Magnolia Park – ‘Baku’s Revenge’

Tigers Jaw – ‘Old Clothes’

Beauty School – ‘Happiness’

Custom Styles

Joe Appleford – ‘Dystopian Dreams, Utopian Nightmares’

Senses Fail – ‘Hell Is In Your Head’

Moodring – ‘Stargazer’

Cold Years – ‘Goodbye To Misery’

Prince Daddy & The Hyena – ‘Prince Daddy & The Hyena’

A Will Away – ‘Stew’

Knuckle Puck – ‘Disposable Life’

As It Is – ‘I Went to Hell and Back’

Brightr & Tim Holehouse – ‘Brightr Vs. Tim Holehouse’

blanket – ‘Modern Escapism’

Real Friends – ‘Torn In Two’

I Feel Fine – ‘The Cold In Every Shelter’

Turnstile – ‘GLOW ON’

Settle Your Scores – ‘Retrofit’

LAKES – ‘Start Again’

Justin Courtney Pierre – ‘The Price Of Salt’

Free Throw – ‘Piecing It Together’

Dream Racer – ‘Gloomy Eyes’

Hot Mulligan – ‘I Won’t Reach Out to You’

Fiddlehead – ‘Between The Richness’

Manchester Orchestra – ‘The Million Masks of God’

The Armed – ‘ULTRAPOP’

Havelocke – ‘Arsonist’

Dollar Signs – ‘Hearts of Gold’

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