Palaye Royale

Palaye Royale announce 2022 UK and European tour

THE RELENTLESS – Lost In Control (Performance from PARADISE CITY)

PALAYE ROYALE – Nightmares In Paradise (Official Audio)

“F*ck these traitors!” The rock and metal world reacts to U.S. Capitol riots

The 2020 Readers’ Poll Results: What music has ruled your year?

PALAYE ROYALE – Black Sheep (Official Music Video)

NEWS: Palaye Royale share video for ‘Tonight Is The Night I Die’!

PALAYE ROYALE – Tonight Is The Night I Die (Official Music Video)

13 Bands Who Wouldn’t Be Here Without Marilyn Manson

NEWS: Palaye Royale share cover of ‘Mad World’ by Tears For Fears!

PALAYE ROYALE – Mad World (Official Video)

Palaye Royale Have Covered Tears For Fears’ Classic Mad World

NEWS: Palaye Royale release video for ‘Anxiety’!

Watch Palaye Royale’s New Video For Anxiety

PALAYE ROYALE – Anxiety (Official Music Video)

Palaye Royale Remove Touring Member Daniel Curcio Following Allegations Of Misconduct

PALAYE ROYALE – Abolish Hate, Adopt Love (Live Acoustic Performance)

NEWS: Palaye Royale to host livestream event for Black Lives Matter!

Palaye Royale Announce Livestream For Black Lives Matter

“Fight Injustice. Fight Racism”: Musicians Share Support For George Floyd Protests And Black Lives Matter

Palaye Royale’s Live! Tonight! At Home! As Been Postponed

PALAYE ROYALE – The Bastards (Full Album Official Playlist Sumerian Records)

Album Review: Palaye Royale – The Bastards

Palaye Royale Vs The Fans: Talking Marilyn Manson, The Music Industry, Gun Control And More

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AMERICAN SATAN Interview – Ash Avildsen, Andy Biersack, Ben Bruce & Matt Pinfield

NEWS: Palaye Royale release animated video for ‘Little Bastards’!

PALAYE ROYALE – Little Bastards (Official Music Video)

Charming Liars share ‘Blame’ + rescheduled tour dates w/ Palaye Royale


【NEWS】Palaye Royale(Sumerian Records)がNewアルバムを5月にリリース、新曲 “Lonely” のMusic Videoを公開

Palaye Royale Announce New Album, The Bastards

NEWS: Palaye Royale announce third album, ‘The Bastards’!

PALAYE ROYALE – Lonely (Official Music Video)

13 Of The Most Diehard Fanbases In Rock

Code Orange: Inside Their Twisted New Nightmare

Do You Want To Interview Palaye Royale This Weekend?

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NEWS: Palaye Royale share video for ‘Massacre, The New American Dream’!

PALAYE ROYALE – Massacre, The New American Dream (Official Music Video)

11 Bands Who Change Their Image On Every Record

NEWS: Palaye Royale drop new single, ‘Massacre, The New American Dream’!

Palaye Royale’s New Single Takes A Stand Against The National Gun Violence Epidemic In America

Palaye Royale Release New Video For Hang On To Yourself

NEWS: Palaye Royale unveil video for ‘Hang On To Yourself’!

PALAYE ROYALE – Hang On To Yourself (Official Music Video)

【NEWS】来日も決定しているPalaye Royale(Sumerian Records)が新曲 “Nervous Breakdown” のMusic Videoを公開

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