Helloween – ‘Helloween’ [Album Review]

HELLOWEEN : You Metal? – Helloween Edition

Album Review: Helloween – Self-Titled

News: Helloween Releases Single for “Fear Of The Fallen” From Self-Titled Album

HELLOWEEN – Fear Of The Fallen (Official Lyric Video)

HELLOWEEN、Kai Hansen&Michael Kiskeが復帰した7人編成での初アルバム『Helloween』より新曲「Fear Of The Fallen」リリース!本日16時にリリック・ビデオ公開!

HELLOWEEN – The Story Behind: Kai Hansen remembers writing “Skyfall”

HELLOWEEN – Behind The Scenes: “Skyfall” Video Shoot

Bandcamp of the Day: Whipstriker / Ice War


HELLOWEEN、Kai Hansen&Michael Kiskeが復帰した7人編成での初アルバム『Helloween』より先行シングル『Skyfall』リリース!本日24時にMVプレミア公開!

News: Helloween Announce New, Self-Titled Studio Album to be Released June 18

News: Helloween’s New Single ‘Skyfall’ Set for Release April 2

HELLOWEEN | “Skyfall”: Teaser Trailer, New Single Out April 2nd, 2021

HELLOWEEN | “Skyfall”: Exclusive Alternative Vocals Mix Explained!

Crystallion – Knights And Heroes (Official Video)

Helloween – I Want Out (Official Live Audio)

HELLOWEEN | The Story Behind: Michael Kiske remembers “Kids Of The Century”

HELLOWEEN、Kai Hansen&Michael Kiskeが復帰した7人編成による初のアルバムを2021年夏リリース!アルバム未収録バージョンの先行シングルも発売決定!

SORCERESS OF SIN Release ‘Vixen of Virtue’ Lyric Video For New Single

Helloween – A Tale That Wasn’t Right (Live) Official Audio

Lords Of Black – “Into The Black” – Official Music Video


【FEATURES】東京発ニューメタルコアバンドovEnola, 1stアルバム「Left Behind」インタビュー

HELLOWEEN – How Many Tears (Live in Wacken, 2018, United Alive)

HELLOWEEN | Join the pumpkins on YouTube!

Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson On The Shows That Made Him Who He Is

Helloween – I Want Out (Remastered 2020) Official Audio

HELLOWEEN – Dr. Stein (Live in Sao Paulo, 2017, United Alive)

Helloween – On May 23, 1987, a beauty called “Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I“ was released! What’s your favourite track?

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