As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying

News: Ov Sulfur Release Hellish New Video Single Featuring Tim Lambesis

Tim Lambesis(AS I LAY DYING)フィーチャリング参加!元SUFFOKATEのヴォーカル率いるブラッケンド・デスコア・バンド OV SULFUR、新曲「Oblivion」MV公開!

Been Missing That Early 00’s Metalcore Vibe? Check Out The World Is Cruel [Japan]

Album Review: Extinguish – Self-titled

Summoning The Lich Frontman David Bruno Takes Us on a Journey into the Band’s Epic Fantasy World

Metalcore Band Remants of The Fallen Unveil New Track From Upcoming Album [Korea]

【FEATURES】東京発ニューメタルコアバンドovEnola, 1stアルバム「Left Behind」インタビュー

In Conversation with Bury Tomorrow: Davyd Winter-Bates on ‘Cannibal,’ Measuring Success, and Metalcore [w/ Audio]

AS I LAY DYING、最新アルバム『Shaped By Fire』収録曲「Torn Between」MV公開!


FOLC Records Release ‘Kick Out The Virus’ For Health Services

AS I LAY DYING、未発表曲「Destruction Or Strength」リリース!

Blackcast Premiere Music Video “The American Dream” via The Circle Pit

【NEWS】As I Lay Dyingが未発表曲 “Destruction Or Strength” を公開

AS I LAY DYING – Destruction Or Strength (OFFICIAL TRACK)

Metalcore Band Cursed By Fire Release Debut Video [Philippines]

DIE ANOTHER DAY Set The Pit Ablaze With Video ‘Wild Fire’ + Debut EP Out April 10th

AS I LAY DYING – U.S. 2020 Tour with Whitechapel and Shadow of Intent (OFFICIAL TOUR TRAILER)

As I Lay Dying – Shaped By Fire Asia Tour 2020 Vlog 1 + Shaped By Fire India Tour 2020 Vlog 1

The 11 Most Polarizing Bands Of The Last Decade

Edmonton’s SLEEPWRAITH Unleash ‘A Demon’s Pawn and The Abyss’; Debut Album “Day Terrors” Out Jan 17th

【NEWS】Emmureが新曲 “Pigs Ear” を公開

SHAPING THE LEGACY: Texas Metalcore Powerhouse Release Performance Video For New Single "Escape"

タワレコと激ロックの強力タッグ!TOWER RECORDS ONLINE内”激ロック”スペシャル・コーナー更新!10月レコメンド・アイテムのAS I LAY DYING、ALTER BRIDGE、ESKIMO CALLBOYら11作品紹介!

10 Non-Metal Artists That Metalheads Love

AS I LAY DYING – Phil & Jordan’s favorite tracks from ‘Shaped By Fire’ (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

メタルコアの帝王 AS I LAY DYING、9/20リリースのニュー・アルバム『Shaped By Fire』より「Blinded」MV公開!

【NEWS】As I Lay Dyingが来週リリースのNewアルバムから新曲 “Blinded” のMusic Videoを公開

Check Out Bad Wolves’ New Video For I’ll Be There

メタルコアの帝王 AS I LAY DYING、2018年のヨーロッパ・ツアーから「Confined」ライヴ映像公開!

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