Truth, TikTok and taking over: RØRY is keeping it real

There was something about Avril Lavigne teasing new music that hit RØRY right in the chest. The snippet of a song that was later revealed as 2021 comeback single Bite Me transported her back to a time when the sounds of ​’00s pop-punk was her life’s soundtrack. Really, RØRY had never appreciated the simplicity of it all before: of her mother still being alive, of having a relationship with her brother, of teenage angst being the worst of her problems. Indeed, they had yet to develop the addictions to alcohol and drugs that consumed the majority of their 20s. All of that poured out in a comment RØRY (whose pronouns are she/they) left on the video. That comment proceeded to go viral, receiving thousands of replies from people who resonated with her words. Inspired, t...

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