The Wonder Years played ‘The Greatest Generation’ with Anxious, Sweet Pill, and Action/Adventure (review)

An album turning 10 years old is always going to evoke a visceral reaction from those who loved it back when; usually some variation of “I’m old!”, particularly when the album’s most memorable lyric is about being 26 years old and wondering if you fucked up because the people you went to high school with are now all married with kids and you aren’t. This is likely especially true for the person who wrote that lyric, Dan Campbell–now a father of two. And I’d be willing to bet that a lot of the people who came to NYC’s Terminal 5 last night (9/10) for the second night of The Wonder Years‘ The Greatest Generation 10th anniversary tour first heard this album as confused twentysomethings and came to celebrate its birthday as thirtysomethings...


unsplash-logoLilith Redmoon