The Crown – We Drift On (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Order at:​”I think that after 30 years people are aware of that we can play pretty brutal music. But we also sometimes like to take it down a notch and explore other areas. I guess in 2021 it’s pretty difficult to ”surprise” people with a brutal song, so we hope to surprise you with this more of a mellow tune. Dare I even use the word ”ballad” 😱😱😱 *insertfearhere* Ok. Lean back, drift on and enjoy //Marko Tervonen” Directed by Christoffer Tönnäng and Oskar Norberger Edited by Christoffer Tönnäng Filmed by Oskar Norberger and Christoffer Tönnäng Lights: Robert Pettersson Special thanks to: Trollhättegillet Produced by: Lect Production and The Crown in cooperation with ON Event & Film Johan Lindstrand: Vocals Magnus Olsfelt: Bass...

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