The 12 Best Metal Songs For Karaoke

As a rule, most metal doesn’t sit well at karaoke. The practice is better reserved for big, goofy songs that people find absolutely ridiculous but secretly love to sing along to. On top of that, metal fans are karaoke often have a chance to seem extra carefree and hilarious by performing a silly pop song with metal vocals or while wearing spiked leather; a dude in a gauntlet singing Maiden i...

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Tom Morello(RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE etc)、BRING ME THE HORIZONらとコラボしたソロ・アルバムをリリース決定!Bruce Springsteen、Eddie Vedder迎えたAC/DC「Highway To Hell」カバー公開!

Disturbed – Sounds of Saving Presented by The Lifeline & Vibrant Emotional Health + Warrior [Official Audio]

Papa Roach – Swerve feat. FEVER 333 & Sueco [Official Music Video]

Papa Roach drop experimental new single Swerve, feat. FEVER 333 and rapper Sueco

NEWS: Papa Roach drop new song, ‘Swerve’, feat. Fever 333 & Sueco!

PAPA ROACH、Jason Aalon Butler(FEVER 333)&ラッパー SUECOとコラボした新曲「Swerve」リリース!MVプレミア公開も決定!

Korn – Finally Free (Official Video) + Good times on the road aren’t just limited to the show…

KORNのBrian “Head” Welch率いるLOVE AND DEATH、Justin Bieber「Let Me Love You」カバーのMV公開!Lacey Sturm(ex-FLYLEAF)フィーチャリング参加!

KORNのJonathan Davis(Vo)、PET SHOP BOYS「It’s A Sin」のカバーを発表!

NEWS: Jonathan Davis (Korn) covers ‘It’s A Sin’ by Pet Shop Boys!

NEWS: Korn enlist Ra Diaz (Suicidal Tendencies) as touring bassist!

KORN、USツアーにサポート・ベーシストとしてRa Díaz(SUICIDAL TENDENCIES)が参加!

Papa Roach – Broken As Me feat. Danny Worsnop (LIVE)

Korn announce new touring bassist filling in for Fieldy

【NEWS】ポストハードコアバンドIce Nine KillsがNewアルバムを10月にリリース、新曲 “Hip To Be Scared ft. Jacoby Shaddix(Papa Roach)” のMusic Videoを公開

Ice Nine Kills announce new album; unleash lead single featuring Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix

ALINE HAPP – Linkin Park – Numb (A Cappella cover by Aline Happ)


Iotunn – Laihem’s Golden Pits (Bass Playthrough)

Korn bassist Fieldy announces hiatus from the band

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