Sunny Day Real Estate played ‘Diary’ in full at Irving Plaza (pics)

Sunny Day Real Estate are in the midst of playing 30th anniversary shows for their iconic, hugely influential 1994 debut album Diary, and they landed in NYC for shows at Irving Plaza on May 15 and 16. They opened with “8” from LP2, and then went into a full performance of Diary, followed by a four-song encore with one song from each of their other albums and their newly-released song “Novum Vetus.” The show was opened by newer ’90s-inspired band Rocket, who are opening for a handful of back-in-action ’90s bands this year, including Bôa and Ride. SDRE and Rocket also both play Las Vegas’ indie/emo festival Best Friends Forever in October. Pictures from the 5/16 Irving Plaza show by P Squared continue below… Rocket (photo by P Squared) Rocket (...


unsplash-logoLilith Redmoon