Slaves – "Heavier" (Music Video)

Listen on iTunes/Spotify/Apple Music here: Directed by: Orie McGinness Lyrics: No doubt I’ve done this to myself The more you know The more you know And I just can’t quit if you couldn’t tell I’ve seen it all I’ve seen it all And at night I beg myself to put this all to rest While I wrestle with these demons pressing on my chest Am I a fake Am I...

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【NEWS】ポストハードコアバンドSlavesが新曲 “Prayers” のMusic Videoを公開

NEWS: Slaves release new single, ‘Prayers’!

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【NEWS】ポストハードコアバンドSlavesがJonny Craig脱退後初の新曲 ”Heavier” を公開

NEWS: Slaves usher in next era with new song, ‘Heavier’!

【NEWS】元SlavesのボーカリストJonny Craigがソロ新曲 “Block Out The Noise” のMusic Videoを公開

Slaves Release ‘The Velvet Ditch’ EP

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