Origami Angel return with grungy new song “Fruit Wine”

DC emo duo Origami Angel have followed last year’s The Brightest Days with a new single, “Fruit Wine.” Gami have never stuck to one style, and “Fruit Wine” once again feels like new territory for this band. It was produced by Will Yip, and it finds them channelling the grungy ’90s revival vibes that Will has so often excelled at, but doing it in their own uniquely-Gami way. There’s also a pretty brutal metallic post-hardcore breakdown in there. Check it out below and let’s hope there’s more where this came from. Gami are also set to begin a tour supporting Microwave (who just dropped their new album Let’s Start Degeneracy), which also includes Heart Attack Man and Carpool Tunnel. That hits NYC’s Brooklyn Steel on June 5. All...

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