LOWLIVES’ new single Loser is an “ode to ’90s alternative radio”

LOWLIVES have unleashed a massive, ​’90s-esque new anthem called Loser. The track is taken form the band’s upcoming debut album Freaking Out, which is due out on May 31 via Spinefarm.  Vocalist and guitarist Lee Downer says the tune is ​“a love song about a self proclaimed ​‘loser’ who has fallen in love with someone they also see as a misfit outcast like themselves. Both as awkward and weird as each other just wishing they could be losers together.  “Musically it’s definitely the most pop song on the record and is an ode to ​’90s alternative radio.” Check it out below: Read this: ​“I don’t blame the average punk rock kid for calling me a sellout”: Kurt Cobain, in his own words Posted on February 22nd 2024, 1:20p.m.

unsplash-logoLilith Redmoon