Love The Hate – Could Have Known (Official Video)

Love The Hate new single Could Have KnownLove The HateLove The HateLove The Hate is an American modern rock band from Mobile Alabama formed in 2015. Fronted by the powerful vocals of Doc St Andrie, the screaming guitars of Frank Killian and Marshall Mears with the steady thundering bass and drums of Leon Craft, and Trebor Genry. Love The Hate makes a dynamic mix of rock and metal for their sound w...

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Bad Wolves – If Tomorrow Never Comes ft. Spencer Charnas of @Ice Nine Kills (Official Music Video)

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Bad Wolves – Lifeline (Official Music Video)

USモダン・メタル・バンド BAD WOLVES、新体制でのニュー・アルバム『Dear Monsters』リリース決定!新曲「Lifeline」MV公開!


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