Hear Knuckle Puck’s pop-punk cover of Noah Kahan’s Stick Season

Knuckle Puck have just done an absolutely ace new cover of Noah Kahan’s Stick Season. The Chicago five-piece have tackled the 2022 folk mega-hit and given it their own pop-punk spin, with the whole thing working incredibly well. This new rendition follows last year’s Losing What We Love album, and also arrives ahead of a summer of touring. Stick (see what we did there?) it in your ears below: Catch Knuckle Puck at Sad Summer Fest as well as playing with The Wonder Years in the U.S. throughout July and August. Read this: The Wonder Years’ Dan Campbell: The 10 songs that changed my life Posted on July 10th 2024, 10:36a.m.

unsplash-logoLilith Redmoon