Gary Floyd (The Dicks / Sister Double Happiness) has died

Gary Floyd, who fronted legendary Texas punk band The Dicks as well as Sister Double Happiness, died on Tuesday in San Francisco. He had been in ill health for a while and was admitted to a hospital earlier this week after suffering congestive heart failure. He was 71. Openly gay at a time when few musicians were (the band called themselves a “commie fag band” in an early interview in Maximumrocknroll), Floyd was an outsized presence onstage and off, often in drag, with a confrontational style that was an huge influence on punk for years to come. David Yow (Scratch Acid / Jesus LIzard) told Austin Chronicle back in 2013, “It was like Diana Ross meets Johnny Rotten. Especially early on, he was fat, flamboyant, weird, gross, and scary. I think the first time I saw Gary, his hair ...


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