Festival Review: FEST 19 – Looking Back at 2021 from Gainesville Rock City

Twenty-twenty-one was a year full of highs and lows, a year full of COVID. It was a rainy, windy October night in Tampa on approach to FEST 19. There was a parting of the clouds and a chance to put wheels down and eventually get to Gainesville. Fest 19 began on a red-eye flight from Thursday into Friday, Denver flying into Tampa, landing over a dark city dotted with tiny lights. It was like any other flight, everyone in masks and anticipating getting out and about. Once on the ground, in a rental car, and on the road to Gainesville by dawn with two and a half hours of sleep, the pace is set. It was a busy Fest and a fun Fest; It was a Fest that everyone made happen, from Tony Weinbender, to the volunteers, to every single band that played and finally, to every single person who attended. O...

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