Dreamwell discuss “Blighttown Type Beat” in new essay: “We are not putting out Modern Grotesque 2”

Providence screamo/post-hardcore band Dreamwell have released “Blighttown Type Beat,” the second single from their upcoming Prosthetic Records debut In My Saddest Dreams, I Am Beside You, and this song is even greater proof than lead single “Obelisk of Hands” that this new album marks a clear progression from 2021’s Modern Grotesque. This song in particular was released to help make that point, as vocalist KZ Staska explains in a new essay penned about this song. That essay makes its debut right here. We have mentioned a few times now that In My Saddest Dreams, I Am Beside You is a radical evolution of our sound and a pretty substantial change from how we did things on Modern Grotesque. We chose our singles, and their release order, to reflect this. As I said ...

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