Corrupt Vision and Se Vende releasing a split EP (watch a new video from each)

Orange County grindy ska-core band Corrupt Vision and San Diego crusty pop punks Se Vende both make music that sounds like it could’ve come out of the late ’80s / early ’90s Lookout! Records/924 Gilman era, so they’re a very cool match for a split EP, and they’ll release one called How Much Trash is Enough? on June 21 via No Time Records (pre-order). Ahead of the release, we’re premiering one song/video from each band, Se Vende’s “Wasting Life Naturally” and Corrupt Vision’s “Endless Eights.” Both songs are as gritty as they are catchy, and they pair very well together. Se Vende’s Collin Smith says: The song “Wasting life, naturally” touches on the side of ourselves we want to kill, for lack of better words. The ...


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