CodeName: Rocky team with The Last Gang’s Brenna Red on “Killing The Chemist” (video)

Southern California ska-punk vets CodeName: Rocky returned in 2022 with the new EP Blueprint, their first release in six years and first with new vocalist Justin Picon (of Eve of Destruction) and new guitarist Matthew Montoya (of Cry Havoc), and now they’re set to follow that with another new EP, Foundation, on July 19 via Wiretap Records. They recently released lead single “Little Devil,” which features Bite Me Bambi singer Tahlena Chikami, and we’re now premiering second single “Killing The Chemist,” which features another cool guest: The Last Gang singer Brenna Red. It’s a fast, catchy song and Brenna’s gritty voice sounds great alongside Justin, who had this to say about the song: The song was inspired by my sister-in-law (Christina) ...


unsplash-logoLilith Redmoon