Carly Cosgrove announce new album ‘The Cleanest of Houses Are Empty,’ share new song

Fresh off winning over some pretty massive crowds on the Wax Bodega Tour, Philly emo band Carly Cosgrove have announced their sophomore album, The Cleanest of Houses Are Empty, due June 14 via Wax Bodega (pre-order). They made it at Studio 4 with Justin Bartlett (who’s worked alongside Will Yip on several records), and drummer Tyler Kramer says, “We purposely wanted to make a big, very live-sounding record. Our live show is the best way to hear our music because of the energy we’re able to harness on stage. It can be hard to translate to an album, so we specifically worked in a room we knew could capture that.” Singer/guitarist Lucas Naylor continues, “In summer 2022, I was diagnosed with a personality disorder. Over time, I subconsciously determined that the best w...


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