Album review: Codefendants – This Is Crimewave

There’s always some kind of distance between art and life, purely because the former can never fully capture the latter. Whether a movie or a novel or an album or whatever, it’s an inherently impossible task. Art can be an incredibly accurate reflection of that reality, but it can never truly be that reality. This Is Crimewave – the debut album by Codefendants – comes incredibly close, though. A motley crew comprised of rapper/songwriter Ceschi Ramos, Get Dead frontman Sam King and NOFX​’s Fat Mike, Codefendants depict the darkest underbelly of human existence. And while that’s nothing new – people have written about that that stuff (and about grief and death and loss and anti-heroes) for decades now – Ceschi and Sam have experienced it first-hand. Both have been involved wi...

This Is Crime Wave [Analog]

The debut album from Codefendants - Fat Mike’s new project with Sam King of Get Dead, Ceschi Ramos and some guest accomplices including Get Dead, Stacey Dee from Bad Cop / Bad Cop, Onry Ozzborn of Dark Time Sunshine, and the incomparable DOC. 1. Def Cons 2. Abscessed (feat. Get Dead and Onry Ozzborn) 3. Fast Ones (feat. The DOC) 4. Suicide by Pigs 5. Disaster Scenes (feat. Stacey Dee) 6. Prison Camp 7. Suckers 8. Brutiful 9. Sell Me Youth 10. Coda-fendants

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Fat Mike (NOFX)、Sam King (Get Dead)らからなるプロジェクト、Codefendants が「Suckers」のミュージックビデオを公開!

Codefendants (Sam King, Ceschi Ramos, Fat Mike) Drop Debut Album “This Is Crime Wave”; Watch Video For “Suckers”

Codefendants Unveil “Suckers” Music Video; ‘This Is Crime Wave’ Out Now!

DS Album Review: Codefendants – “This Is Crime Wave”

Codefendants Reveal Debut Album “This Is Crime Wave”

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Codefendants – ‘This Is Crime Wave’

CODEFENDANTS feat. The D.o.c.: video di “Fast Ones”

CODEFENDANTS veröffentlichen die 5. Episode ihrer Videoreihe

DS News: Codefendants (Fat Mike, Sam King, etc.) release music video for new song “Fast Ones”

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CODEFENDANTS kündigen Album „This Is Crime Wave“ an

Codefendants – This Is Crime Wave

DS News: Codefendants announce debut album “This is Crimewave”, release music video for “Def Cons”

Codefendants Release Brutal NSFW Music Video for “Bad Business”

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FAT MIKE präsentiert sein neues Projekt CODEFENDANTS

DS News: Codefendants (Fat Mike, Get Dead’s Sam King and Ceschi Ramos’ new project) unveil new video, “Suicide By Pigs”

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