Album Review: Baest – Necro Sapiens

It would be really easy to give a cursory listen to Necro Sapiens and dismiss Baest as another in a very long line of old-school death metal revivalists. It’s not totally inaccurate, either, as there is a lot to this Danish group’s third record that will be familiar to anyone with knowledge and appreciation for both the HM-2 sound and early death metal classics. Songs like “Genesis” and “Abbatoir” hit that sweet spot of a modern retelling but don’t totally feel distinct from any number of Entombed-core clones. Hell, I mislabeled this record myself, as initial listens didn’t grab me until single “Meathook Massacre” was unleashed (more on that later), forcing me to rethink my early impressions. Thankfully, time and patience helped unearth a rather fetid, forceful retelling of OSDM in a way t...


unsplash-logoLilith Redmoon