AFI give ‘Black Sails In The Sunset’ 25th anniversary reissue (exclusive vinyl!)

AFI have just announced a 25th anniversary reissue of their career-altering 1999 album Black Sails In The Sunset with three bonus tracks, including the never-before-released song “Weight of Words,” the Japanese B-side “Who Knew?,” and the vinyl-exclusive track “Lower It.” We’ve teamed with the band on an exclusive oriole vinyl variant, which is limited to 500 (that’s a mock-up above). Pre-order yours in the BV shop now while they last! Leading up to this announcement, AFI have been reflecting on the album via social media. Here’s some of what they’ve said… “Black Sails will always be very dear to me. It represents the most profound artistic turning point of the band. With this record came Hunter’s permanence and Jade’s arriv...


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