BRUNHILDE – “Choir Boy” (Lyricvideo)

Solarcycles – Hold on to the Sun (Official Music Video 2019)

Father John Misty – Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Featuring: Aubrey Plaza

AntropomorphiA – Warhead (VENOM COVER) Official Video

WARKINGS – Maximus (Official Lyric Video) | Napalm Records

Patty Gurdy – “Leaves And Lemons” (official Music Video for original Hurdy-Gurdy Music)

Red Sun Rising – Relative (Official Audio)

Broadway Calls “Radiophobia” (LYRIC VIDEO)

Overkill – In Union We Stand (Official Audio)

Crystal Lake – Watch Me Burn (Official Music Video)

New Years Day – Skeletons (Radio Edit) (Official Video)

Bronnie – R U THE SAME (Official Video)

Culture Abuse – “Heavy Love” (Peach Alternate Version, 2016) Official Audio

Noturnall LIVE! – Cosmic Redemption (MADE IN RUSSIA) Official Video

The Gig Economy – Living For The Paradise City (Guns N’ Roses/Stevie Wonder Mashup) Official Video

Cult of Lilith – Cosmic Maelstrom (OFFICIAL AUDIO VIDEO)

Ringo Starr’s Big Birthday Show!

Landfall – “Road of Dreams” – Official Music Video

KAMELOT – Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire) ft. Lauren Hart (Official Live Video) | Napalm Records



King Buzzo (with Trevor Dunn) “Science In Modern America” (pre-order now)

Horror Dance Squad – Callous Cage (Official Music Video)

Larkin Poe | Back Down South (Official Video) – Feat. Tyler Bryant

SCORPIONS – “Sign of Hope” – From Scorpions Fans in Russia (Cover Video)

Moonspell – Memento Mori (Official Audio)

Dukes Of The Orient – “The Monitors” – Official Music Video

Scorcese – Just Leave (Official Music Video)

KING 810 – House of Dust (Official Audio)

Past Five – God Forbid (Official Lyric Video)

Alice Cooper – Poison (Live) Official Audio

The Loft Club – True Love (Official Audio)

CPM 22 – Por Quê? – Lyric

Bad Year – Blackout (Official Music Video)

Thousand Below – 171 xo (Official Music Video)

Bad Wolves – Learn To Walk Again (Official Lyric Video)

HINAYANA – Cold Conception ft. Nature Ganganbaigal (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Disciples Of Verity – The Flow featuring Morgan Rose (Official Lyric Video)

Curses – The Door In The Wall (Official Music Video)

Black Rose Maze (Rosa Laricchiuta) – “Maze” – Lyric Video

Sima – Runaways (Official Music Video)

Sons of Silver – Read ‘Em Their Rights (Official Video)

Architects – Doomsday (Official Audio)

Sam Valdez – Toothache (Official Video)

Lauren Lakis – We’ll Be Fine (Official Video)

Collective Soul – December (Live At The Thunderdome / 1995) Official Audio

Blue Öyster Cult – “Stairway To The Stars” – Live Video

Disaster Cities – The Best Way You Used to Know (Official Video)

ASKING ALEXANDRIA – Antisocialist (Unplugged)

Steve Von Till – Shadows on the Run (Official Video)

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